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Experimenting with a New Media Tool and a Daily Newsletter

I've been experimenting with a new tool for aggregated media consumption -- called Feedly -- and it has the interesting ability to setup a daily newsletter of items I've marked for a 24-hour period.

Since I'm now tracking interesting items of note (non-political) from the realms of national security, homeland security, war, and technology, I also have an active newsletter:  Noted by KRB.

There's currently no easy way for anyone to self-subscribe and I'm not going to export it to the blog, so as to avoid flooding this blog.  However, if you would like to be on the distribution list for Noted by KRB, then send me an email and I'll add you to the distribution list.

I've already requested that Feedly create a web-display for the newsletters and have a self-subscribe/unsubscribe option, so hopefully that comes soon.  When it does, I will share it.

Until then, I'll manually add anyone interested.

Kyle R. Brady