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Publishing Note: "Assessing the Start of the Arab Spring and Relevant Factors"

My latest paper for King's College London ("Assessing the Start of the Arab Spring and Relevant Factors") is complete:

"In December 2010, what would soon be known as the Arab Spring began with protests and political unrest in Tunisia.  Subsequently, political action of various types and strengths began to appear across the Middle East and North Africa and concluded some time between the end of 2011 and mid-2012.  Years later, however, assessing the ultimate successes and failures of the Arab Spring remains a complex, politically-fraught endeavor.

An important question -- as academic as it is practical -- remains:  why did the Arab Spring ignite in the final days of 2010? Why was this sweeping sense of change, however fraught and fractured, not felt and expressed earlier?  Why did it not come later?"

It's available via PDF or

Kyle R. Brady